Coolibah burl and apple coral handle fillet knife with file work

This is a custom 6-3/4″ inch blade fillet knife made from a 440 steel billet, The billet was shaped, ground, polished, oil quenched, hardened, tempered, and given one final polish, the blade has a rockwell of 58 and is a rat tang construction with a corby nut in the end so it will hold up if you decide to give it some use, I put some great looking Australian red coolibah burl on the handles with some great looking stabilized “real” apple coral. The apple coral is very hard to come by, The coral is from the sea of china off the coast of vietnam, The coral is often found in the nets of fisherman, It is not harvested just for jewelry or knife making purposes, It’s most often dumped back into the ocean, That’s what makes it so hard to come by, Knife is 11-1/4 overall and 1″ inch wide at the guard, the handle also has solid brass and aluminum spacers and guard made from solid sheet and bar stock and shaped by hand to the knife, I did some custom hand file work on the top of the blade and the handle spacer it was done in my “sharp Thorn” pattern, all my file work is done by hand with a chainsaw file and a half round file for the added look of a real custom knife. knife will come with the custom brown leather sheath made to fit the knife nice and tight, Sheath is made by Carl Thomas of Mississippi. great custom piece for the fisherman that wants only the best. shipping is $6.00 for priority mail with insurance and signature conformation. SORRY NO INTERNATIONAL SALES.