This is a custom MAB Damascus dagger, The Damascus blade started as a 200 plus fold Finger print with random wave pattern billet, The billet was ground then heat treated to a Rockwell of 57 to 58, It was then soaked in acid to bring out the Damascus pattern, I then gun blued the blade to make the Damascus pattern really stand out, The dagger is 10-1/8″ inches overall with a 5-1/2″ inch blade just under 1″ inch wide and 3/16″ inches thick, The handle is made from fossil coral that has been deep stabilized, The fossil coral is found in oceans all over the world and will date from 20,000 to 30,000 years old, The front spacer is a piece of African warthog tusk with natural cracks that have been stabilized as well, I used to small Ruby’s in the guard and one large red garnet in the pommel cap, ( I was told it was a ruby but i am listing it as a garnet) Both handle spacers have been hand filed in my “vine” pattern to add the extra touch, All my file work is done by hand with a round file and a half round file, No dremel here.. The pommel cap is a piece of fossil coral with the garnet in a brass bezel, The custom sheath has a snake skin inlay to match the coral handle, The custom sheath was made by Carl Thomas of Mississippi. Shipping is $6.00 for USPS priority mail with insurance and signature conformation. Sorry NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.