This custom hunting knife is made by me, Mark Buzzell (MAB), right here in Maine. This great looking custom knife is 8-3/8 inches overall with a 4-1/8 inch blade wiht a 3-3/4″ inch cutting edge, by just under 3/16 inch thick and 1-1/16 inch wide. The blade is a 200 plus fold twist pattern damascus steel blade. The knife blade is marked with my MAB logo as the maker of this fine custom knife. This knife was made from a bar stock damascus billet. The knife billets are shaped, ground, polished, oil quenched hardened and tempered to rockwell 57 to 58, then acid etched to help bring out the damascus pattern, Then gun blued and given one final polish. The handle on this one is made from dyed and stabilized Mammoth tooth fossil with some great colors, The Mammoth tooth used is from the permafrost pleistocene era in Sibera Russia, Making the fossil tooth to have an average age to be 30,000 to 40,000 years old. Your handle will come alive outside in the sun tons of colors. I also used a piece of honduran rosewood for a spacer in the fromt of the mammoth tooth for a little extra look. The Knife is a rat tang construction with a corby nut in the end so it will hold up in the field if you decide to give it some use. The knife guard, spacers and pommel were made from solid brass and aluminum bar and sheet stock and shaped to the handle, The file worked spacer is made from aircraft aluminum and filed in my vine pattern, I then hand filed the top of the blade with my new “Wlaking Lizard” pattern… all done by hand with a chain saw file and a small triangle file. I do not use a dremel tool like some knife builders, and then call it file work, so you can see I put a lot of time just in the file work along with the fit and finish on this one to make it a very collectible piece, or a good working custom knife. Your custom knife will come with the custom brown leather belt sheath made by Carl Thomas, your custom knife will also come with a black zip up knife case for storing your custom knife when it's not in use. All my custom knives come with a hand signed COA and dvd telling more about the knife, when it was made time spent and so on. This one of a kind should last a good many life times and would make a great gift for the knife collector that thought they had everything. $6.00 shipping by priority mail with delivery conformation and insurance. SORRY NO INTERNATIONAL SALES